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Get My Little Decoded Books for Free. I decided (on 1 Apr 2019) to just provide my little decoded books to people for free. You may press the appropriate “Download” button (located after “blbdecoded” or “behdecoded-1”) to get a free .pdf copy of one of the 18 March 2019 versions of my little decoded books, Bessler’s Little Book Decoded and A Book in Every Home Decoded. The first is 92 pages and the second is 85 pages. Until people have done sufficient experiments or tests to prove or disprove my words, you may just take my decoded versions of those old little coded books to just be literary works. I think that they are much more than literary works. I think that they are important independent-overlooked-devices, which use especially low friction rotations about horizontal axes to repetitively extract energy from gravity. Those decoded little books mainly came from two appendices of my book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled: APPENDIX B ORFFYREUS’S LITTLE BOOK and APPENDIX D ED.L.’S LITTLE BOOK. There is further analysis in my overarching book Gravity-Wheel Unveiled. 20190401AEP

See My gravity-wheel Website. You might also want to check out https://gravity-wheel.neocities.org which has a slightly older 1 March 2019 .htm version of my book. That website also contains comments, summaries of some of the most important things, displayed groups of up to 10 figures from the book, and active links to other websites. The displayed groups of figures may be useful to look at so that you don’t lose your place, while reading the .pdf file (or the .htm file), when you want to see a particular figure or group of figures in another tab. 20190319AEP Extra local computer copies of the .pdf file could be used instead to allow searches for figures without losing your place. 20190321AEP

See My Book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled. In appendices, my book decodes two little-old-coded books that were published in 1717 and 1936. Each of the decoded little books tells how to build particular very-low-friction, gravity-powered perpetual-motion devices that can continually produce useful power. I will try to separately publish those decoded little books as Bessler’s Little Book Decoded and A Book in Every Home Decoded in case someone wants to see smaller more-focused books that solve particularly-significant historical puzzles, respectively Bessler’s wheels and Coral Castle. My book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled, explains how Johann Ernst Elias Bessler (aka Orffyreus) grew the steel lobe and steel lobe-hole surfaces of his very-low-friction mechanical-roller-bearings. A tiny lobe stayed in very-low-friction pure rolling-without-slipping contact with its tiny lobe-hole for an amazing 25 degrees, according to the bearing specifications figure that Bessler provided on the inside back cover of his coded little book, Apologia. 20190319AEP On 1 Apr 2019, I published .pdf files of the 18 March 2019 versions of the two decoded little books, using download buttons near the top of this page. 20190401AEP

Bessler's Wonder Bearing
Bessler’s very-low-friction roller-bearing prior to surfaces being grown.
Rendition of Bessler’s symbolic bearing-specifications-figure found in Apologia.
Ed’s drawing, located within a tiny portion of an enhanced front cover of A Book in Every Home, which in the lower portion of this drawing shows nearly a front view of his Sweet Sixteen family of massive white-limestone cylinders.

Front view of Ed Leedskalnin’s Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders.

Top view of Ed Leedskalnin’s Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders.
Side view of Ed Leedskalnin’s Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders.

Study My Book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled. My book explains how Edward Leedskalnin constructed his Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders, which he used to build his Rock Gate Park, which is now called Coral Castle. Ed’s coded little book, A Book in Every Home, shows a photograph of the sprocket wheel for the mother cylinder, with 24 magnetically-repulsive sprocket teeth. The father, mother, and daughter sprocket wheels allow very-low-friction rotational connections between the rotating father, mother, and daughter cylinders, because they are all connected, without any touching. Therefore they are rotationally connected without any rubbing or even any rolling friction. Notice in the drawing that the daughter cylinder’s sprocket wheel only has 16 magnetically repulsive sprocket teeth. My book explains how the energetic photons of the solar corona are produced, how cosmic rays get additional energy, where new matter comes from, why sunspots are cooler than the sun’s photosphere, how railroads can obtain nearly 500 miles per gallon for moving a ton of freight, why satellites tumble out of control, why the 1968 McKinley low-friction-demonstration behaved quite like a modern-day Bessler wheel, and what the initiation mechanism is for “cold” fusion. My book shows: evidence that the universe is infinite, evidence that there is intelligence in ordinary matter, and symbols of God in nature’s gravity. My book attempts to provide a discrete theory of everything. My book tries to explain how various, curious ancient-energy-productive devices worked. Multiple plans are formulated for having very low cost energy in this new rotational-energy-era. Very inexpensive and “green” energy solutions should drive great prosperity for this world, while combating global warming, without imposing government regulations. The situations should help remove a number of other problems that have plagued our world. My book discusses and explains many other things. It is a long book but I hope that it increases your understanding and appreciation of many things of increasingly greater importance. Please enjoy it. 20190319AEP

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