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Get My Little Decoded Books for Free. I decided (on 1 Apr 2019) to just provide my little decoded books to people for free. You may press the appropriate “Download” button (located after “blbdecoded” or “behdecoded-1”) to get a free .pdf copy of one of the 18 March 2019 versions of my little decoded books, Bessler’s Little Book Decoded and A Book in Every Home Decoded. The first is 92 pages and the second is 85 pages. Until people have done sufficient experiments or tests to prove or disprove my words, you may just take my decoded versions of those old little coded books to just be literary works. I think that they are much more than literary works. I think that they are important independent-overlooked-devices, which use especially low friction rotations about horizontal axes to repetitively extract energy from gravity. Those decoded little books mainly came from two appendices of my book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled: APPENDIX B ORFFYREUS’S LITTLE BOOK and APPENDIX D ED.L.’S LITTLE BOOK. There is further analysis in my overarching book Gravity-Wheel Unveiled. 20190401AEP

See My gravity-wheel Website. You might also want to check out https://gravity-wheel.neocities.org which has a slightly older 1 March 2019 .htm version of my book. That website also contains comments, summaries of some of the most important things, displayed groups of up to 10 figures from the book, and active links to other websites. The displayed groups of figures may be useful to look at so that you don’t lose your place, while reading the .pdf file (or the .htm file), when you want to see a particular figure or group of figures in another tab. 20190319AEP Extra local computer copies of the .pdf file could be used instead to allow searches for figures without losing your place. 20190321AEP In particular for better basic understanding, I suggest that people read on https://gravity-wheel.neocities.org/ the three paragraphs having the following headings: “Smallest Building Blocks of All Matter”, “What Might Gravity Be?”, and “Bessler Principle”. The three associated images following the paragraph “Bessler Principle” should also be considered. 20200414AEP

See My Book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled. In appendices, my book decodes two little-old-coded books that were published in 1717 and 1936. Each of the decoded little books tells how to build particular very-low-friction, gravity-powered perpetual-motion devices that can continually produce useful power. I will try to separately publish those decoded little books as Bessler’s Little Book Decoded and A Book in Every Home Decoded in case someone wants to see smaller more-focused books that solve particularly-significant historical puzzles, respectively Bessler’s wheels and Coral Castle. My book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled, explains how Johann Ernst Elias Bessler (aka Orffyreus) grew the steel lobe and steel lobe-hole surfaces of his very-low-friction mechanical-roller-bearings. A tiny lobe stayed in very-low-friction pure rolling-without-slipping contact with its tiny lobe-hole for an amazing 25 degrees, according to the bearing specifications figure that Bessler provided on the inside back cover of his coded little book, Apologia. 20190319AEP On 1 Apr 2019, I published .pdf files of the 18 March 2019 versions of the two decoded little books, using download buttons near the top of this page. 20190401AEP

Bessler's Wonder Bearing
Bessler’s very-low-friction roller-bearing prior to surfaces being grown.
Rendition of Bessler’s symbolic bearing-specifications-figure found in Apologia.
Ed’s drawing, located within a tiny portion of an enhanced front cover of A Book in Every Home, which in the lower portion of this drawing shows nearly a front view of his Sweet Sixteen family of massive white-limestone cylinders.

Front view of Ed Leedskalnin’s Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders.

Top view of Ed Leedskalnin’s Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders.
Side view of Ed Leedskalnin’s Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders.

Study My Book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled. My book explains how Edward Leedskalnin constructed his Sweet Sixteen family of cylinders, which he used to build his Rock Gate Park, which is now called Coral Castle. Ed’s coded little book, A Book in Every Home, shows a photograph of the sprocket wheel for the mother cylinder, with 24 magnetically-repulsive sprocket teeth. The father, mother, and daughter sprocket wheels allow very-low-friction rotational connections between the rotating father, mother, and daughter cylinders, because they are all connected, without any touching. Therefore they are rotationally connected without any rubbing or even any rolling friction. Notice in the drawing that the daughter cylinder’s sprocket wheel only has 16 magnetically repulsive sprocket teeth. My book explains how the energetic photons of the solar corona are produced, how cosmic rays get additional energy, where new matter comes from, why sunspots are cooler than the sun’s photosphere, how railroads can obtain nearly 500 miles per gallon for moving a ton of freight, why satellites tumble out of control, why the 1968 McKinley low-friction-demonstration behaved quite like a modern-day Bessler wheel, and what the initiation mechanism is for “cold” fusion. My book shows: evidence that the universe is infinite, evidence that there is intelligence in ordinary matter, and symbols of God in nature’s gravity. My book attempts to provide a discrete theory of everything. My book tries to explain how various, curious ancient-energy-productive devices worked. Multiple plans are formulated for having very low cost energy in this new rotational-energy-era. Very inexpensive and “green” energy solutions should drive great prosperity for this world, while combating global warming, without imposing government regulations. The situations should help remove a number of other problems that have plagued our world. My book discusses and explains many other things. It is a long book but I hope that it increases your understanding and appreciation of many things of increasingly greater importance. Please enjoy it. 20190319AEP

Chiastic Poem about Bessler Principle. On April 25, 2020, I submitted the chiastic poem, “The Long-Ignored Bessler Principle: A Chiasm for Overlooked Rotational-Energy Sources”, to a poetry contest held from April 1, 2020 to May 15, 2020. Click here to see that chiastic poem found in https://gravity-wheel.neocities.org/BesslerPrinciplePoem.txt but to return from the text file, use the browser “back” button. My poem didn’t place in the top three within the approximately 301 poems in the adult category. The poem is provided for its Bessler principle information and its summary value rather than its value as poetry. [For some background understanding of that chiastic poem, one may download at the top of https://gravityunveiled.home.blog/ a free pdf file for the 712 page book, Gravity-Wheel Unveiled of 18 March 2019. Also see John Collins’ 1997 book, Perpetual Motion: An Ancient Mystery Solved? — Here are some comments regarding the poem. While operating, Bessler’s Kassel wheel made much banging noise. Would there be as much talk about global warming, if by not ignoring the Bessler principle, we were now using “fuel-less” or “fuel-reusable” Papp-engines instead of internal combustion engines? I should also make some additional comments about the title of Bessler’s 1717 book, beyond what I said in my chiastic poem. Bessler’s book’s title, Apologi’sche Poёsie und Poetische Apologie Von seinem MOBILE PER SE und PERPETUUM MOBILE, actually could be said as having more than two second level chiasms, as I had mentioned on p. 473 of Gravity-Wheel Unveiled. If we look more carefully at the “sche” or the “ische”, it could be said to have been a third level chiasm separately followed by a second level chiasm. Here is some more thinking on the subject than what I gave on p. 473, slightly along the lines of the discussion of Apologia or “apology” on p. 497. The third level chiasm could represent God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. The second level chiasm could represent gravity as in this second level chiasm of the discrete gravity/graviton (1 E field source, 2 E field source, E field combined with E field in the graviton, 2nd to last E field sink, and last 1 E field sink). An older/alternate meaning of “apology” was a formal defense. The ultra-low friction bearing allowed that property of gravity to be manifest. Thus, Bessler or Orffyreus was poetically formally defending his God and his bearing, which bearing was given to him by God, which bearings were used to greatly reduce friction for his turning wheel, which allowed power to be extracted from gravity. An example of a third level chiasm speaking of God could be as follows. By the (H) Holy Ghost, Bessler received the dream that allowed him to build his bearing. The Holy Ghost testifies of both the Father and the Son, the Lord God, Old Testament Jehovah or New Testament (J) Jesus Christ (2 Nephi 31:18; 3 Nephi 11:32,35-36; 3 Nephi 16:6; 3 Nephi 28:11). Jesus Christ bears witness of His (F) Father, God the Father (John 14:9-10,20). God the (F) Father bore witness of (J) Jesus Christ (Isaiah 42:1; Matthew 3:17; 12:18; 17:5; Mark 1:11; 9:7; Luke 3:22; 9:35; John 5:37; 8:18; 2 Peter 1:17-18; 1 John 5:9). Jesus Christ bore witness of the (H) Holy Ghost (John 14:26). Another example of a second level chiasm more directly related to Bessler’s special bearing is as follows. By means of specially grown lobes and lobe holes, an (i) intermediate cylinder rolls without slipping inside the outer cylinder. That intermediate cylinder rolls without slipping outside the inner (a) axle cylinder. The inner (a) axle cylinder rolls without slipping with respect to another intermediate cylinder. That other (i) intermediate cylinder rolls without slipping inside the outer cylinder. 20200620AEP]

Some Turning the Turner Parallels. I thought that I would write some parallels or anti-parallels which I have noticed. I was a December-born 14-year-old boy, when in the spring of 1968, with help from God, I observed the McKinley low-friction demonstration regarding rotations about a horizontal axis. I was effectively provided the key of the Bessler principle, which was not officially a part of my extensive formal education. Using that key, I much later decoded or translated two old little books. One old little book was from the Old World, Bessler’s little book, which was located within Apologia (1717). The other old little book was from the New World, A Book in Every Home (1936). We can now read and study translations of these old little books, which translations provide information about reinventing two lost devices, which allow practical-repetitive mechanical production of rotational kinetic energy from gravity. The translations are gifts to the world. Though I had waited a very long time to take action, I had heard from the first-born child of my parents, “Turn the turner.” Though I didn’t fully know what it meant then with respect to the physical turner turning, I should note that my eldest brother and I have more than one line of Turner ancestors. I was successfully hooked up to a heart-lung machine (during open-heart surgery) when I was a boy, in part due to the inventiveness of Dr. Russell M. Nelson. — Joseph Smith Junior was a December-born 14-year-old boy, when in the spring of 1820 he asked God in prayer (as instructed according to James 1:5) which church he should join. He received in answer a vision or visitation from God the Father and his Son, Jesus Christ. When Joseph Smith (with little formal education) was older, with help from God, Joseph Smith was able to translate at least two ancient books. One book was from the New World, The Book of Mormon (first English edition published in 1830). Another book was from the Old World, The Book of Abraham, which book was written upon papyrus by Abraham himself and came from the catacombs of Egypt. We can now read and study these translations. The translations are gifts to the world. These translated books help us to better understand The Holy Bible and reveal lost/hidden information related to Jesus Christ (Jehovah). Joseph Smith harkened to the messages from Jesus Christ, the Firstborn spirit-child of God the Father and the Only Begotten of the Father. On 5 April 2020 as part of the bicentennial celebration of the spring 1820 first vision, the President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Russell M. Nelson, announced a new proclamation to the world: “The Restoration of the Fulness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ: A Bicentennial Proclamation to the World” (dated April 2020, to see it click here to read the full proclamation in 12 or more languages, then click on the desired language). We need to turn our hearts to the fathers (see Malachi 4:6) who are turning their hearts to us, according to our prior promises to them (see Joseph Smith – History 1:39), as we repent and continually strive to turn to the Lord our God (see Deuteronomy 4:29-31). Given a 1812–13 typhoid epidemic, a Dr. Nathan Smith performed a new type of surgery by cutting through new bone growth in order to extract the infected bone from the interior cavity of Joseph Smith’s leg. The young boy refused amputation, binding, and alcohol as a sedative. See the June 2013 Ensign article, “Joseph Smith’s Boyhood Surgery”. 20200406AEP

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I invite people to visit churchofjesuschrist.org to learn more. 20210331AEP

The Living Symbolic Graviton. I think that the living symbolic graviton is the primary way of eternal life for new eternal matter to come forth from the two pull-downs on light. Gravitons then continually arise (or in eternity an infinite number of new gravitons come forth) from the new eternal matter. The graviton is a very-special simple-attractive type of light traveling in a perfectly straight path. With many parallels, the graviton is a physical symbol which may denote the living Christ. For more information please study physical observations, experimental results, my book Gravity-Wheel Unveiled, the scriptures, and “The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles” dated 1 Jan 2000 (see as examples click here to see a two-sided pdf of “The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles” in English or click here to see a single-side pdf of “The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles” in English or click here, then from at least 33 languages select the desired language, then click the “The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles” as shown in that selected language or click here to see a two-sided pdf of “EL CRISTO VIVIENTE: EL TESTIMONIO DE LOS APÓSTOLES” in Spanish or click here to see a May 2017 Liahona statement showing the January 1, 2000 “The Living Christ: The Testimony of the Apostles” in Spanish according to code spa, though eng replacing spa at the end of the URL would provide English, with many other three letter language codes available, such as deu for German, fra, ita, nor, por, ces, dan, jpn, pol, and zho). The graviton is a powerful symbol of the living Jesus Christ. Through the living Christ, we have our advocate with the Father. We may repent or turn more to God, as made possible because of the completely self-sacrificial intelligent-atonement carried out by Jesus Christ alone. The completely self-sacrificial graviton intelligently allows matter to turn more according to the prior turning of the matter, which process provides new light. We may strive to follow the perfect path of God, when we seek to follow Him. The graviton allows matter to better follow its perfect path, when the matter selects to fully partake of the graviton. 20200413AEP

Healing Power of Gratitude. I am grateful for many things. (1) I am grateful for the Bessler principle. I am grateful for my family. I am grateful because of special hidden blessings of the Lord. {20201121AEP} (2) I am grateful for all the infinite matter (in this infinite everywhere-expanding universe), which continually radiate energetic two-part gravitons for eternity in testimony of God. I am grateful that the infinite numbers of gravitons individually serve as powerful symbols of Jesus Christ. I am grateful to my Savior, Jesus the Christ, because he loved me first and He did what the Father sent Him forth to do, for the benefit of all of us. {20201122AEP} (3) I am grateful when the energetic two-part gravitons pull down on temporarily-appearing finest-fundamental-opposite-charges found in light so that they come forth as new eternal finest-fundamental-opposite-charges, with their own new spaces. They are spirit-matter-descendants of the prior finest-fundamental opposite charges, which had given rise to the gravitons. I am thankful because it means that both matter and space in this infinite, everywhere increasing/expanding universe will always keep increasing/expanding, without number/volume bounds forever. I am grateful for my descendants, who in eternity will each have infinite numbers of loving spirit-descendants. {20201123AEP} (4) I am grateful for the infinite numbers of finest-fundamental ancestral-matter-charges, which allow a particular collection of current matter-charges to be present now. Any such particular collection of current matter-charges wouldn’t be here now without all their prior ancestral-matter-charges that came before them. I am grateful for all my ancestors (back in time) because I wouldn’t be here without all of them. {20201124AEP} (5) I am grateful for Bessler and Leedskalnin for their leaving behind little coded books regarding construction details/instructions for their lost devices. With the little coded books being decoded using the decoding key of the Bessler principle, I am grateful because now we can use the decoded instructions to reconstruct the lost devices for the benefit of all humanity. {20201125AEP} (6) On this Thanksgiving Day, I am grateful for rapidly rotating nuclear-ground-states in the sun’s photosphere, which provide much light to us because they produce much energy from the two-part pull downs of the gravitons coming from the sun. I am grateful for the rotating nuclear-ground-states in the earth’s upper atmosphere, which provide much warmth to us that we not freeze because of the two-part pull downs of the gravitons coming from the earth. {20201126AEP} (7) I thank God for Dr. Russell M. Nelson so that I could have a successful open heart surgery long ago (a few years before I saw the McKinley low friction demonstration) because Dr. Nelson helped to invent the heart-lung machine, one-of-which was used in my surgery. In these perilous times of great confusion, I am grateful to God for sending modern day prophets of God, who speak the will of the Lord for the benefit of the world. These have been just a few examples of many things that I am grateful for. {20201127AEP} See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i51gcWCs-Ho “President Russell M. Nelson on the Healing Power of Gratitude​” Nov 20, 2020 (PowerofGratitude.org #GiveThanks).

Some of My Blog Links. I will just show some “internal” links that I meant to be blog posts. I think that the first link didn’t show up in the blog. You should be able to click on the links and then click on the browser back arrow or select Home on the menu to “return”. https://gravityunveiled.home.blog/front-and-back-book-covers/ https://gravityunveiled.home.blog/2019/03/20/yin-yang-cylinder/ https://gravityunveiled.home.blog/2019/03/21/my-downloadable-book-solves-many-issues-within-besslerwheel-com/ https://gravityunveiled.home.blog/2019/05/17/hints-of-my-besslerwheel.com-posts-9-april-to-8-may-2019/ https://gravityunveiled.home.blog/2019/11/01/constructing-perpetual-lamps-and-defense-of-bessler’s-wheels/ https://gravityunveiled.home.blog/2020/02/28/new-solutions-for-people-trying-to-reduce-climate-change/ https://gravityunveiled.home.blog/2020/06/18/supermassive-black-bodies-need-not-be-supermassive-black-holes/ https://gravityunveiled.home.blog/2020/07/04/ignored-fundamental-physical-principle/ ~20190319-20200704AEP